Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is located on the south coast of Finland. It has a population of 561 000, but the cities in the metropolitan area - Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Grankulla - form an area with over one million inhabitants. Helsinki was founded in 1550 by the Swedish king Gustav Vasa. Read more about Helsinki ...

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Finland (in Finnish Suomi) is a republic and a member of the European Union since 1995. Its population is 5.3 million and its surface area 338 145 sq. km. Finland has about 190 000 lakes and as many islands. Read more about Finland ...

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Citizens of few countries are required to have a visa for entry into Finland. Check the requirements here.

Airport transfer

Helsinki-Vantaa airport is located about 25 km north of the city centre.

Bus no. 615 : Single fare from the airport is 3.60 EUR, and the journey time is about 35 minutes to the main railway station. From the railway station it is about about 0.5 km to the University or the hotels. The bus ticket is valid for transfers within 80 minutes, so you can continue by tram to the university/hotels if you prefer not to walk. See the Journey Planner for the exact route.

Finnair bus : Single fare is 5.20 EUR, journey time is 35 minutes and the bus goes to the main Railway station like bus no. 615. But note that the ticket is not valid on any other means (trams, other buses, etc.).

Airport taxi : The airport taxis (yellow minivans) have a flat rate of 22 EUR and leave when the minivan has enough passengers. (1-2 persons is 22 EUR, 3-4 persons 28 EUR).

A "normal" taxi (yellow taxi sign on the roof) to the centre of the city/university from the airport should be about 35 EUR. All taxis have a meter and charge the same rate, and they accept major credit cards.

Helsinki City Transport

Helsinki City Transport will take you around in Helsinki. (But note that the conference venues are within walking distance from most of the hotels.) A single fare ticket on the trams is 2.00 euros and valid for one hour. A single fare on any means (bus, tram, metro, ferry) is 2.20 euros and likewise valid for one hour. You buy the ticket from the bus or tram driver, or beforehand from a kiosk or a ticket machine.

Use the Journey Planner to find your way with the city transport.


Our room block reservations have expired, but you may try the list of hotels below. Notice that there are other conferences in town almost at the same time.

Reserve online by calling, by email or through web.


Hotel GLO ****, distance 200 m
Sokos Hotel Helsinki ****, distance 200 m
Hotel Palace ****, distance 600 m
Sokos Hotel Vaakuna ****, distance 700 m
Scandic Simonkenttä ****, distance 900 m
Sokos Hotel Presidentti ****, distance 1100 m
Hotel Arthur ***, distance 500 m
Hotel Linna ***, distance 1300 m
Eurohostel, distance 1300 m
Hostel Academica EUR 46 / single room, EUR 65 / double room, distance 1800 m


Distance from the University Fabianinkatu 33

Contact Information


On map


200 m

Kluuvikatu 4
Tel: +358(0)10 3444 400
Fax: +358(0)10 3444 401
Tel: +358 (0)9 5840 9540
Email: rooms@palacekamp.fi

Sokos Hotel

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200 m

Kluuvikatu 8
Tel: +358(0)20 1234 601
Fax: +358(0)9 176 014
Reservations Email:


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600 m

Eteläranta 10
Tel: +358(0)9 1345 6660
Fax: +358(0)9 654 786
Tel: +358 (0)9 58409799
Email: rooms@palacekamp.fi

Sokos Hotel

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700 m

Asema-aukio 2
Tel: +358(0)20 1234 610
Fax: +358(0)9 433 77100
Reservations Email:


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900 m

Simonkatu 9
Tel: +358(0)9 68 380
Fax: +358(0)9 68 38 111
Reservations Email:

Sokos Hotel

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1.1 km

Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 4
Tel: +358(0)20 1234 608
Fax: +358(0)9 694 7886
Reservations Email:

Hotel Arthur

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500 m

Vuorikatu 19
Tel: +358(0)9 173 441
Fax: +358(0)9 626 880
Tel: +358 (0)9 173 44200
Email: reception@hotelarthur.fi


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1.3 km

Lönnrotinkatu 29
Tel: +358(0)10 3444 100
Fax: +358(0)10 3444 101
Reservations Tel: +358 (0)9


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1.3 km

Linnankatu 9
Finland Tel: +358(0)9 6220470
Fax: +358(0)9 655044
Reservations Email:


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1.8 km

Hietaniemenkatu 14
Tel: +358(0)9 1311 4334
Fax: +358(0)9 441 201
Reservations Email:


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